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Brave Fish Tap

+4    It's a fun little way to pass the time, with solid pixel art to boot. Start as a rubber fish, bounce back and forth to avoid killer whales, collect coins, unlock more rubber characters and get the highest score.    14 MB    Views 8721
+23    This cool girl is spending her summer holiday at the seaside where she is having a lots of fun with her friends all day long. She is a sporty girl who's crazy about volleyball and that's why she plays this ...    20 MB    Views 4338
+4    Who would not love to play games? The answer is probably no one, and when it comes to experience the joy of getting interactive with the amazing range of iPhone Apps and Games, then no one can resist himself or ...    15 MB    Views 5927
adventure dress climbing enjoy
+20    These two lovers enjoy living life on the edge. Every weekend, they pack their camping bags and head out into the wilderness in search of challenging climbing spots where they can practice their skills and enjoy some alone time together. ...    20 MB    Views 4985


+4    swapzzle Take any picture and turn it into a fun puzzle Enjoy swapping pieces back and forth as you try to put the puzzle back together    3 MB    Views 8244

Springy Bird

+20    Springy Bird Touch, hold, release and the bird will jump. By holding more, you give more power to the bird, low power will kill you, and also hight power will. Click and release in the perfect time to have the bird on the ...    7 MB    Views 5806
0    Delicious cake is so attractive, moreover to make a delicious and beautiful cake is a wonderful thing, now let's try it, can you design the satisfied looks and super delicious cake? yes...come on.    39 MB    Views 8208
+1    Imagine it`s your first day as a school teacher. It is a very important and exciting moment, isn`t it? You should look sophisticated, fashionable as a classroom beauty and be a professional teacher at the same time. Is it possible? ...    52 MB    Views 9523
+2    FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS Moldavia celebrates Granny's Day in September. For this purpose we've created an unusual dressup game called Fashion Granny Dress Up. Grandmas also want to look beautiful and elegant, especially on this holiday That's why they need to have ...    66 MB    Views 1993

The Kick Dress Up

+11    Life in downtown Tokyo has never been so dangerous. With the Triads constantly waging war in the markets and the loose rabble of gangs roaming the streets, the citizens were crying out for a hero. Now they have one in ...    20 MB    Views 7542
+10    Toddler Phone Kid Phone is the must have game. With easy and simple interface, visually attractive and fun to use. Created by parents for parents, Baby Phone is an interactive app that supports your baby’s development through touch, sound ...    59 MB    Views 9534
0    ◈最互动、最有趣、最寓教于乐的认知产品◈ 游戏简介: 在日常生活中,小朋友常会有一些不规范的行为习惯,例如没洗手就乱抓食物吃导致肚子疼,睡觉踢被子导致着凉感冒,在外走路不注意看路摔倒等等给小朋友造成了不必要的病痛,而这些本都是可以避免的。在这款游戏当中,小朋友跟着长颈鹿医生,选择合适的治疗手段来帮助小动物治病。游戏的同时让孩子们了解了一些基础的医用知识也有助于克服其对医疗的恐惧心理。 图片精美 专业配音 寓教于乐 ◈【支持设备】◈ IPAD1, IPAD2, IPAD3, IPAD4 ,IPAD MINI ,IPAD AIR iOS5 IOS6 IOS7 ◈【智慧谷 简介】◈ 智慧谷 关注儿童成长,专门针对学龄前儿童研发的教育软件产品,宝贝系列已拥有产品逾40款。 我们专注启发,而不只是学习。做父母育儿的好帮手。 我们融合国际化元素,将智慧谷带给全球。 我们用心为孩子创造一个轻松、快乐的学习平台,成为宝宝成长的好伙伴。因此,我们也一直坚持,多一分沉淀,少一分浮躁,厚积而薄发,经典而永恒才是我们要走的教育之路。 ◎更多精彩请访问官方网站 ◎微信公众号 zhihuigu2014    73 MB    Views 6906
-6    Welcome to Voazoa Inc. 1 gamified picture book app developer. Our book is designed to give another level of learning experience to readers. Voazoa Inc’s app is proven to accelerate children’s creativity and concentration by giving kids various activities, such as ...    26 MB    Views 770

Fox Nuts FREE

Related Apps nuts fox picking team squirrel
+22    Fox and Squirrel, Play the nuts picked up confrontation in the woods. Can you lead the fox's team to victory Always good friends of fox and squirrel. They are picking up nuts among the forest today. Fox and squirrels to make the team ...    47 MB    Views 8522
Related Apps baby princess fun doctor check
-1    Princess is going to the doctor for a last checkup before having a beautiful baby princess Step into the doctor's room with her and learn how to use fun tools like a thermometer and stethoscope. Make sure Princess is taking ...    15 MB    Views 4867
+27    True love by the light of the moon. Luna smiles and shines bright on these young lovers as they embrace for an unforgettable kiss Make them look their best in trendy clothes and cute hair dos.    20 MB    Views 1339
+6    The city has been invaded by birds. Your job is to try and control them as best as you can. See how many you can squish in this fun and addicting game. Try it out today    9 MB    Views 9802
animal puzzle escape game zoo freedom funny objects
+23    Zoo Escape 3 is a funny animal escaping puzzle game. A breakout is planned by the farm animals from the zoo Because they can no longer stand with kids touching them, poking them, screaming at them. They must escape and gain ...    32 MB    Views 2950
+2    Her first child will be born into a world of fashion and fun Join this mother to be as she redesigns herself in plenty of designer duds and pregnant friendly styles.    20 MB    Views 4955

Fairy Beauty Salon

beauty makeup kids fashion accessories fairy dress town show fly salon
+10    Something magical is happening in fairy town this season. It happens every season, too, from winter to spring, summer and even autumn. It's the fairy town fashion show Every beautiful fairy in the world tries to fly in for the seasonal beauty pageant, each ...    53 MB    Views 2977

Tap Balls Down

balls cups catch
+27    The balls is fall down,you need to catch then use the cups. catch more balls and get the best scores. colorful balls and cups,you will love it.    9 MB    Views 1110

New Game Lines 2008

lines game play features scores cross
0    Have fun with lines 98 It is easy to play, but to become a master is a challenge. The goal is simple: Keep the screen as clean as possible by arranging balls of the same colors into lines to make them explode. A ...    6 MB    Views 7757
car driving racing crash street don
-6    Speed racing car on street driving becareful don't crash the other car keep the point , download free have fun enjoy it.    6 MB    Views 710
Related Apps fashion accessories holiday granny dress shoes good designer create unusual
+26    Moldavia celebrates Granny's Day in September. For this purpose we've created an unusual dressup game called Fashion Granny Dress Up. Grandmas also want to look beautiful and elegant, especially on this holiday That's why they need to have a plenty of ...    81 MB    Views 1154
0    Childhood with small partners to play the game. Fingertips, is so simple game quickly with small partners to join it enjoy the moment    22 MB    Views 5071

Move Star

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+4    Simple. Fast. Gorgeous. How fast can you move? Trying to stay alive has never been this fun. Swipe up, down, left, and right to dodge your way through 10 simple yet challenging levels all while vying for the top spot by collecting the ...    10 MB    Views 4160

ABC Fun (Learn)

learning abc fun simple learn
+4    Learn the ABC with fun interactive images and audio. Simple to use talking flash cards. Dictated by a 3 year old. The ABC app has the alphabet and is great for learning. Toddler love this fun and educational game. This is ...    25 MB    Views 8419
0    Kitchen CleanUp 2 is a very very interesting cleaning game The kitchen is in a mess after yesterday’s big party. Come on and clean kitchen up, sweep garbage on the floor, put these pots and pans on the right place. But ...    28 MB    Views 7382

Bubble Plus FREE

Related Apps challenge games time mode bubble levels bubbles difficulty pro 200
+19    Bubble+ FREE is a game of speed , you have to pop the different shaped bubbles. Welcome to the world of Bubble+, One of the most addictive games. Is a game of speed with a very simplistic gameplay, where you have to ...    3 MB    Views 9385
challenge escape mushroom game find exciting drawer
+3    Escape From Mushroom is a very interesting and challenging escape game. The key of the room is locked in a drawer, you have to get the keys and escape this mushroom:find clues to get the password to open the drawer. Isn’t ...    26 MB    Views 2737
Related Apps coffee maker
+6    Everyone loves coffee. You can be a coffee maker right now to design and make your own a cup of coffee.    28 MB    Views 9753
students games brain training advance pass tests exercises includes
-4    72 Hour Sale 60% Off Buy Soon Advance Brain Training is a app that includes some very helpful information for Brain Training Can Help Students Pass Their Tests and Exams Advance Brain Training includes Make Sure It Meets ...    27 MB    Views 6900
treats candy making sugar alicia sweet cotton game jelly lollipop choose
+8    If you love making and eating sweet, sugar rush inducing treats then jump into the world of Alicia Candy Maker a total new candy game for kids. With this game, you can make lollipop, jelly and cotton candy Here Alicia is waiting ...    56 MB    Views 9273
games facebook puzzle people game match littlebigplay score matching support disappear
-6    Bored of all the Match3 games? Try then our new game Bubblins Match4 Will you make it into TOP20 highscores? Bubblins Match4 is a new puzzle matching game with 2 game modes and lot of fun for all ages There a lot ...    21 MB    Views 577
house challenge time puzzle family escape key game clues find
+3    "Escape from the small family" is a very fun puzzle game. You are trapped in the game,and now you want to go out,the key is hidden in a cupboard or drawer,you want to find the key,you must find a variety of ...    28 MB    Views 2707


running kitty game touch
+3    How far can kitty run on this endless running game? Cute little kitty is having amazing adventure away from home. When running in a field, kitty is catching up the butterflies and avoiding nonfriendly dogs and other traps. Game control is ...    24 MB    Views 4983
feel stars
0    Feel the romance of love under the stars. Look stylish and feel fancy in cutting edge clothes and trendy fun hair.    20 MB    Views 9738
0    If you live close to the ocean you know how good it feels to cool down at the beach on a hot summer day Today is a hot one so this girl is heading to the beach to have fun ...    20 MB    Views 9290
Related Apps christmas game coloring page
+10    Christmas coloring page game. Free game for all who likes coloring santa claus, christmas trees, reindeer, gifts.This is a perfect game for stimulating the creativity of a baby, toddler or school student. But it's also lot of fun for a ...    18 MB    Views 6616
0    It's the weekend No school means relaxing with friends and chilling in fun shorts, baby Ts, and sunshine    20 MB    Views 6384

Fruit Link Saga!

Related Apps puzzle fruits game props fruit points eliminate link saga match
-4    Fruit Link Saga is a match3 puzzle game with fresh game play Clear three or more same fruits to score points, try to use game props to make more combos Fruit Link Saga features: 3D Game modes Puzzle,Challenge More than 500 ...    42 MB    Views 6529
Related Apps children fill color
+29    The most creative children's game. First select the princess, children, furniture, playground These graphics. assembled into a picture. then fill color.    23 MB    Views 9370
+17    Style this cute summer couple hidden away in a nice secluded spot perfect for smooching    20 MB    Views 5012

Just Tap Gold

Related Apps tap gold
+29    This game is simple and funny,Just tap the gold,not others. It is not easy,try your best.    7 MB    Views 8446
design school fashion hair game hairstyles hairstyle choose fabulous
+16    Fabulous Back 2 School Hairstyles is a hair design game. The new school year is coming and cute Lina can’t wait to meet her classmates So she wanna her classmates see a totally different herA fashion and very beautiful girl Before her ...    29 MB    Views 3341
shopping clothes dress mall friends show fabulous cute
+7    Shopping for new clothes is always easier when you have a second opinion to help you decide what's hot, and what's not. Today, these best friends are headed to the mall in search of fabulous new clothes to add to ...    22 MB    Views 3636

Dog Puzzle 3D

Related Apps puzzle dog
0    Sit back and relax with a dog puzzle without the cleanup or the hassle of losing pieces This app provides hours of entertainment for you and your whole family. Dog puzzle is great for puzzlers of all ages Simply adjust ...    74 MB    Views 6772
rock roll
0    Help this star to get an edgy rock and roll look. Fancy dog collars, red lipstick, and clothing with studs are definitely a distinctive style.    20 MB    Views 6281

Alien Wars Arcade

-8    I am thirteen years old and this is my first iphone/ipad game. This game is simplistic in design. The objective is to try to dodge the meteors. This is the first time I coded in Lua, and I hope to ...    4 MB    Views 5536

Where Is The Milk?

house milk explore kitten kitchen find don room
+3    Meow This little kitten was left without a drop of milk The poor animal is hungry and you are the only one who can help him. Where Is The Milk? Explore the whole house: kitchen, dining room, bedroom, toilet and ...    73 MB    Views 5189
challenge kids people children ice skating figure obstacles hand lots
0    This app is exactly for you if you adore figure skating, funny graphics and arcade games Have fun and train your sport skills with Figure Skating Duet Ice Challenge You have 2 characters: a man and a woman skating ...    60 MB    Views 5552

Baby Panda Laughing

effects panda
0    Now your toddler can also amuse on the smartphone or tablet Unique app is a funfilled experience designed for toddlers 12 months and up Tap the screen to feed or make laugh the panda and watch what happens Explore all ...    16 MB    Views 6383
beauty tools makeup spa girl dress skin anime eye cute bath
+15    Anime Beauty Spa is an interesting animation spa dressup game for girls. This super cute girl likes to do the spa now and then. It works well, her skin now is very good. Today is the spa day, let us go ...    31 MB    Views 6970
-9    ●游戏说明 可恶的小恶魔入侵了河流,河豚的小伙伴们被感染变成怪物了,快来帮助河豚拯救小伙伴们吧!点击屏幕使河豚变大,碰撞直到怪物变回河豚,在变大的过程中不要让怪物碰到,否则会变回最小! ●玩法说明 1.点击小河豚使它变大,才能战胜变异的小伙伴! 2.不断碰撞怪物,使他们变回河豚,完成拯救。 3.变大过程中不能撞到怪物,否则就回变成小河豚。 4.使所有小伙伴变回河豚才能完成任务! ●警告说明 1.爱护小动物和身边的环境,从我做起,我们要保护美好的家园。    24 MB    Views 2344

Press It for iOS

friends press fastest
-8    Do you think you have the fastest fingers among all your friends? Give it a try and see how many times you can press the red button in 10 seconds. Challenge your friends and show them who is the fastest. Connect to ...    9 MB    Views 4316
Related Apps candy feed game hours
+29    Feed Me is the fantastic, free game where cute graphics meet challenging gameplay that will make your brain run hot in no time. The goal of the game is to arrange different elements in order to not only feed the ...    8 MB    Views 8559

Big Concentration

level match concentration
+5    Concentration, also known as Match Match, Memory, Pelmanism, Shinkeisuijaku, Pexeso or simply Pairs level 52 x 1 level 52 x 2 level 52 x 4 swape scroll cards.    32 MB    Views 39
Related Apps love panda simple red single finger gameplay flowers obstacles
+3    Once upon a time, in a far away bamboo forest there was a young panda who was so lonely. But one day he had a watershed encounter he met Her. But how to hit fancy his love mate? Maybe ...    66 MB    Views 7365

Bubble Plus PRO

Related Apps challenge games time mode bubble levels bubbles pro difficulty speed
+13    Bubble+ PRO is a game of speed , you have to pop the different shaped bubbles. Welcome to the world of Bubble+, One of the most addictive games. Is a game of speed with a very simplistic gameplay, where you have to ...    3 MB    Views 9121
time construction food play burger worker burgers lunch
+8    Is it Burger time? Play the fast food adventure unlike any other Join our construction worker who loves eating Burgers. Give him his ultimate wish… help him get his Hamburgers Download Burger Lunch Time today It’s lunchtime and our construction worker is hungry Only burgers will ...    18 MB    Views 6515
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